heat it® Apple – For a relaxed summer without itching & scratching


heat it® is a certified medical device that treats insect bites with heat. To relieve itching and pain, the affected skin area is briefly heated to around 51 °C. The sting healer is your ideal companion in everyday life, when travelling or during sports. Heat it® is small, handy and fits perfectly on your keychain.

Suitable for the following insect bites.
• Horseflies
• Bees & wasps
• Mosquitoes

Individually adjustable.
• Can be set to match your skin’s sensitivity
• Kids mode makes it safe for the whole family (for children over 4 years/ over 12 for self-application)

Fast application.
• Chemical-free treatment with heat
• Simple and effective smartphone add-on
• Up to 1,000 applications per mobile phone charge


This is the version for Apple. For the Android version please click on this link: Android

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