Kevin + Livy


What connects Livy + Kevin

While Kevin deters burglars from entering your home, shop or office, Livy Protect is there to alert you to burglars, poor air quality or smoke.
Kevin: Preventive protection against burglars.
  • Kevin simulates presence through realistic light, TV and shadow effects and everyday sounds. It thus deters burglars.
  • You can upload your own sounds and activities to the Mitipi app and Kevin will imitate you perfectly.
  • Kevin can also be used as a lamp as well as a speaker.
  • Gateways: WLAN 2.4 GHz, Bluetooth (4.2 and BLE).

Livy: Warns you in an emergency if the air is bad, there is a risk of fire or there is a break-in.

  • Livy has a motion detector and automatically notifies you and your friends and neighbours via text message if someone has broken in.
  • The smoke detector integrated in Livy alerts you if there is a risk of fire.
  • Livy also informs you about the general air quality in your home so you know when to ventilate.




At the same time, both systems offer comfort and health in your everyday life with their additional functions. There has never been so much Smart Home in 2 devices!